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Other Bike Parts

Foot Rest Peg Widner

Widen your footrest jus heat them up and wrap round your footpeg and weld on

Villiers Kick Start Lever Rubber

Kick start lever Rubber

Amal Carb Gasket Set

For 32mm Amal Carb

Champion Sparkplug N3C OE068

Suitable for Greeves Griffons

Champion Sparkplug N4C OE079

Suitable for Greeves Griffon

NGK Sparkplug 2411 B8ES

Suitable for Greeves Griffon

Bosch Spark Plug

Bosch Spark Plug W5C/W4C

NGK Racing Competion Spark Plug

B8EGV racing plug

Round Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Inline Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Progrip Tripple Density Grips

Soft Touch Grips

ProGrip Cross Grips

Motocross Grips

Grips per pair

Bike it grips in various colours

Throttle 7/8

Throttle 7/8

Renthal Handlebars

Renthal low motocross handlebars

Hobbit Handlebar Pads

handle bar pads

Motorcycle Inner Tube

inner Tube

Mud Guard Stay

Greeves and universal mud guard stay

Levers per pair

Bike it levers in various colours

CZ Chain o ring in blue

520 x 118

CZ Chain standard blue

520 x 118